Business Administration Apprenticeship…is it for me?

If you are looking to develop all-round administrative capability and keen to enhance your skills and move forward with you career, then this apprenticeship could be just what you need.

Why an Administration Apprenticeship?

  • Because it’s a key role that should not be underestimated.
  • You are at the heart of the running of your school and will quickly learn best practice that will help you make an even bigger contribution
  • Provides a foundation that that helps you build your career
  • You help the organisation to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Entry Requirements

If you are keen to succeed and build your career, then we can help you.  All you need is Maths, English and ICT at level 2 or the ability to achieve this level during your apprenticeship

Your future

A Business Administration Apprenticeship is good choice for those in the early stages of their career.  Research indicates that top administrators are not born that way but can be developed.  A Business Administration Apprenticeship provides you with all the skills and knowledge you need.

These are the ‘Must Have’ Skills and the Knowledge you need to succeed in School Administration.

We will help you acquire and develop them.

  • ICT enabled – digital/Microsoft/outlook etc
  • High level verbal and non-verbal communications
  • High level written communications
  • High level interpersonal communication skills
  • High level customer service skills
  • Well organised
  • Good time management
  • Resourceful
  • Good at detail
  • Forward thinking
  • Good planner
  • Professional
  • Teachable
  • Good learner
  • Ambitious

Course Content

The Apprenticeship Standard we offer covers all the Skills, Knowledge and Behaviours you will need to successfully complete this apprenticeship over 12-18 months.  Click here for full course info leaflet. Business Administrator Apprenticeship Program L3

For more information on how the programme can work for you contact our Business Skills Tutor Alex Hicks at