Did you know that there is up to £4000 incentive bonus if you hire an Apprentice!

Did you know that there is up to £4000 available to you if you hire an Apprentice in your business?

Hiring an apprentice has never come at a better time! The recent budget announcement brought exiting news for apprenticeships as the chancellor increased the bonus to £3000 for every apprentice hired. There is also the existing incentive of £1000 for hiring a 16–18-year-old and the apprenticeship levy to take advantage of for the cost of training. This means that you can hire a full time Apprentice for only £4385 a year. What a great way to add to your team without putting pressure on your salary bill!

How is this worked out?

This means that based on a typical full time (37.5 hours a week) apprentice wage (£4.30 from 1st April) over 52 weeks of a year, the usual cost of an apprentice would be £8385 a year. If you apply the £4000 incentives on offer to the wage bill of £8385 you are left with a salary of only £4385 to pay.

The training costs are government subsidised and are charged at only 5% for SME’s or covered entirely by the apprenticeship LEVY for larger businesses. If you do not pay into the apprenticeship levy and are an SME (less than 50 staff) you will only pay 5% of the course fees which is anywhere between £250 and £300.

The right time to hire an Apprentice

 Hiring a young person as an Apprentice Administrator or Customer Service Clerk is a great way to invest in the future of your workforce and bring new skills into your business. Our track record of finding the very best apprentices for businesses like yours is second to none. 100% of our previous Business Admin Learners have passed their apprenticeship and have all been offered permanent jobs where they completed their apprenticeship!

This is a fantastic way to support young people, invest in your future workforce all for a fraction of the cost of usual appointments.

The best time to hire an apprentice is between 1st April and end of September as this is when most 16-18 year olds are making decisions about their future and looking for an apprenticeship. Its rather difficult to find a good one outside of this window!

What positions would a Business Admin or Customer Service Apprentice undertake?

 You may wonder who you can employ who would undertake such apprenticeships. The good news is, the majority of companies employ staff who provide administration or customer service products and services. If you have staff or need staff who carry out the following type of tasks then this route would be very suitable;

  • Deal with all aspects of customer service over the phone, on the internet or face-to-face such as a Customer Service Agent
  • Work in reception, in call centres, retail/wholesale outlets, warehouses or in an office environment such as an Administrator or Receptionist
  • Anyone who provides a service which involves communication with customers – such as a Telesales Clerk.
  • Deal with service delivery functions such as dealing with orders, payments, offering advice guidance and support such as an Office Administrator.
  • Face to face meet-and-greet, sales, fixing problems, after care, service recovery such as a Service Administrator.

Training Delivery Model

The programme is approx. 13 months on average depending on how ready for their End-point Assessment the learner is after the mandatory training. Your apprentice would enjoy a blended learning experience which would make up 20% of the off the job requirements (1 day a week approx.) This would be planned with your apprentice to fit your business and is made up of;

  • Face to face tutor led delivery in the classroom or virtual via ZOOM of around 1 day a month (2%)
  • Self-study modules using our interactive learning platform OLLIE (8%)
  • Off the job training in work; on the job training, reflect reports, assignments, staff training, 1-2-1’s with mentor (10%)

 Click here for downloadable information on our Business Admin Apprenticeships. You will find the new Customer Service Level 2 Apprenticeship info in the PDF document attached.

 If you are interested in hiring an Apprentice for your business then please get in touch at apprenticeships@system-people.co.uk to find out more and to tell us all about your vacancy so we can best advertise the position to attract the best match for you.