Interviews – Top Tips

✔️ Do plan your journey before the big day

✔️ Don’t turn up more than 15 mins early.. wait in your car if you are earlier than this

✔️ Do take with you a list of written questions and ideas you wish to discuss if you have memory block during interviews. It looks great you have taken time to prepare!

✔️ Don’t ask about benefits in the first interview. Leave these for second interview or offer stage

✔️ Do your research. Link in with the hiring manager before the interview (just make sure your profile is up to date!)

✔️ Don’t forget to turn off your phone! Leave it in the car if you can

✔️ Do try and use the interviewers name at least 4 or 5 times in the interview

✔️ Don’t wear distracting patterns or jewellery – keep it simple

✔️ Do dress formally regardless of the employer. You only have one chance to impress

✔️ Don’t forget to end the interview by thanking the interviewer for their time and for seeing you (another chance to use their name!)

✔️ Do follow up with an email later that day/week to express your interest again and explain you are interested

✔️ Don’t forget to smile during the interview even if you are nervous, it will actually help you to relax