At System People, we have combined our recruitment and training expertise to provide an apprenticeship service to both the Education and commercial sectors.  We currently offer a range of level 2 and 3 apprenticeship programmes for both sectors allowing employers to invest in their future workforce and develop staff with industry recognized qualifications.


  • Professional Receptionist – Level 2
  • Business Administrator – Level 3
  • Customer Service Advisor – Level 2


We advertise and shortlist apprenticeship applicants providing employers with a shortlist of suitable applicants to meet their specific vacancy requirements.  We will support you from the initial recruitment process through to the employment offer and until the candidate commences employment with you.  Our in depth recruitment and selection process involves a face-to-face interview and a skills test to ensure that the quality of our apprentices remains high from the outset.  Our expert tutor is involved at the recruitment stage of the process to ensure that the ability and commitment of the learners is evident from the first day they meet with us.


Our experienced Trainers and Assessors deliver the qualification to the learners through a combination of on-the-job observations and assessments and classroom based training at our learning suites in Carlisle and Workington.  The learner experience is extremely important to us and we work hard to make sure that we have excellent facilities for them including a computer suite, a chill out learner room and bright modern air-conditioned classrooms….we really care and look after our learners!


Through our in house HR consultancy, we offer free HR advice about your apprentice to support you while they complete their apprenticeship, ensuring any employment issues are dealt with promptly and sensitively.


As an agency, we already supply Teachers and TAs to schools in Cumbria on a regular basis as well as administration and office support staff to local businesses.  Our staff are familiar with local employers in both the Education and Commercial sectors so they have much to offer when best matching an apprentice to your vacancy.  Our apprentices go through a stringent application process and are assessed and tested to determine whether they are suitable to be put forward for your vacancies.  This includes both academic testing as well as understanding their true aspirations through a face to face formal interview.

As a business, we have experience of delivering apprenticeships over many years so you can rest assured that our quality learning programme is the right choice for your apprentices.  Every employer is unique and our Trainer/Assessors go the extra mile to really understand the environment your apprentice is working in to ensure that individual learning plans can be shaped to your specific requirements.

A steady flow of communication and feedback between you, your learner and us as the Training Provider is essential for the success of the apprenticeship.  Our free HR support service enables us to work together to deal with any issues that arise quickly and jointly.  You will receive regular updates on how your learner is progressing with their study programme.


Business Administrator

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Customer Service

What does employing an apprentice involve?

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Professional Receptionist

What does employing an apprentice involve?

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