Sales and Marketing recruitment has changed somewhat over the last 10 years as more sales roles require candidates to have a working knowledge of social media marketing.

Are you looking for a sales representative to go out and sell your products and your company to prospective clients? Perhaps you need an account manager to support and upsell to your current client base? Our Sales and Marketing candidates span a whole range of positions in the field and include; Sales Managers, Business Development Manager and Marketing Managers.

Our Consultants regularly meet Sales and Marketing candidates who are looking for new opportunities and after in-depth interviews will be able to make appropriate recommendations to you based on your requirements. Our networking in this area is strong and through methods such as linked in and local events we are continually being approached by individuals looking for progression in this field.

You may be asking yourself if it is worth bringing someone new into your business to sell your products or services. This is something we often hear from our clients as they are concerned about turnaround time for results. For us, it is key that we understand your vacancy and business so that we can best match your sales approach and strategy to the candidate to make the best possible placement.

There are challenges facing hirers when looking to recruit sales staff and our experience can help guide you through the process to a successful appointment. Salaries for sales vacancies usually range between £25,000 and £40,000 per annum which can be a large outlay for a small business and. As a result there is more pressure on company managers to make the right decision.

Are you unsure of how to interview sales people? That’s okay, we can help you to design second interview stage selection tools to help identify those candidates with more experience and to further secure the best person for your business.

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