Carlie Marshall

World Teacher Day – What it means to be a teacher, and how you can secure local supply work with System People

Happy World Teacher Day!

Teachers have had a demanding and interesting school year, to say the least this academic year! They have supported pupils’ learning during these challenging times – we would like to say Thank You today for all the hard work and commitment given by the Teachers of Cumbria. Supply Teachers make up an important part of the school support system and without them, schools would have struggled to stay open!

At System People Education, we support Teachers to find work on supply across Cumbria.

We caught up with one of our Supply Teachers, Carlie, who used our teaching agency, and is now currently about to manage maternity cover for a year 1 class at St Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School.

What does it mean to you to teach?

Teaching for me isn’t about how much you do every day, it means so much more! These children spend such a long time with us that I feel being a teacher is caring and loving and protecting a group of children with all your heart. I enjoy the bond you form with your class and the staff you work with, the children I teach are loved the same way I would love my own child.

What is your role in the classroom? 

My role in the classroom is year 1 class teacher. I work alongside 2 TA’s to provide the best possible care and education for the children in my class. I support children by listening, being a shoulder to lie on, and someone that will laugh at their jokes (even the knock-knock ones I’ve heard 100 times) haha.

What ages do you teach, does it vary?

At the minute I am about to take over maternity cover in year 1 at St Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School. I have been teaching them on the supply on and off when needed since September. My specialism is 3-7 so I tend to stay below year 2.

In what capacity do you work with System People and would you recommend them?

I signed up to system people before I got the job at St Cuthbert’s, but I have done a couple of supply jobs through System People. I would absolutely recommend System  People’s Teaching Supply Agency, especially Sarah Story she is lovely!

What advice would you give a young person who wants to build a career in teaching

Be patient! It is hard, I’m not going to lie to you, there have been times in my training that I’ve thought I couldn’t do it. But it is the most rewarding, beneficial career you could get into, the lightbulb moment above a child’s head when they finally understand what you’re teaching is priceless. Most importantly I would say to have fun, these children love you, so take the time to love them back!!

If you are looking for supply work then call us on 01228 530554 or upload your cv here.