Another Happy Apprentice!

Lyndsey conducts a virtual interview with Tom, one of our current Business Administration learners to see how he is getting on and to find out why he chose System People…

What made you choose a Business Admin Apprenticeship?

I took business studies as an option at sixth form for the 2 years before starting my business admin apprenticeship and enjoyed doing it so I decided that I’d like to continue along this route. I also have a friend who did a Business Administration Apprenticeship with another local training provider rather than going to sixth form and talking to her and listening to her experience I decided that a business administration apprenticeship was something I’d like to do.

Why did you decide to study with System People?

Having put applications into the two other Carlisle training providers, System People offered the best service. I never received a follow up from the the other providers following my interview! Within about a week of putting my application in to System People I was invited to an interview not long after and had an offer of a placement by about a month after I submitted my application.

What have you liked the most about the course so far?

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course so far, the classes have been conducted at a good pace to ensure that everything is properly understood. Having joined system people coming straight out of school I have found the whole environment very refreshing compared to the stricter setting of school.

What have you liked the least about the course so far?

I don’t have any criticism of the course as I am enjoying the experience.

How have you found your course Tutor, Alex, in terms of content, delivery style and enthusiasm?

Alex provides the course in a relaxed manor making the sessions enjoyable. The content is really informative and Alex explains everything well and makes the PowerPoint used available so they can be revised after the sessions.

How have you managed to complete apprenticeship work alongside your job?

My workplace has been very cooperative in supporting me along my apprenticeship and ensuring that I am able to spend 7 hours a week completing work for it as well as helping me in terms of the project I need to do as part of the course.

How have you found the 20% off the job learning requirement?

The 20% off the job learning requirement has been useful, especially since there was a recent restructure at my workplace meaning that my job role changed providing me with the suitable opportunity to learn new things which can contribute towards my 20% off the job requirement.

How confident are you that you have made the right decision about your career choice and why?

I have high confidence that I have made the right decision about my career choice. My confidence has also been backed by the fact that I have been offered a permanent placement with my workplace once I have completed my apprenticeship.

Have you/are you enjoying your apprenticeship so far. If so, why? If not, why not?

I am thoroughly enjoying my apprenticeship. There are many reasons for this, the obvious one being that I am able to receive wages whilst still learning. The workplace I am at is fantastic, very supportive and I really enjoy working there.

How has the apprenticeship enabled you to be more effective in your role at work?

The apprenticeship has enabled me to be more effective in my role at work as it has taught me valuable skills both practical skills such as using computer software, email etiquette as well as personal skills such as time management which are transferable  between job roles.

What advice would you give candidates thinking about starting a Business Admin apprenticeship?

I would highly recommend that they do start a business admin apprenticeship because it is a good way into administrative job roles but is also a good starting point for other roles as having the knowledge learnt in the business admin apprenticeship can be carried on into other roles such as project management.

Would you recommend System People as a Training Provider to friends and family? If so why? If not, why not?

I’d definitely recommend System People as a training provider based off my own experience of them as said before I received the best service and satisfaction out of the other Carlisle apprenticeship providers I contacted. Also the courses are well structured and professionally run. I’ve also experienced no issues with them either.

What do you like most about learning with System People?

I like how I am given full responsibility for my own learning which a welcome change is having come straight out of school.

What do you like the least about learning with System People?

There isn’t anything I dislike in regards to learning with System People as I have had the best experience with systems.

From a learner perspective, can you outline any improvements System People could make as Training Provider of Business Administration apprenticeships? What would make your learner experience better?

I have no improvements to outline.

What are your future career plans for when you successfully complete your apprenticeship?

I have been offered a role within my current workplace once I have completed my apprenticeship. As I enjoy working there I’ve accepted the position and don’t yet have any further future career plans.


This interview was conducted remotely in April 2020 to gain feedback from one of our current Business admin learners Tom from Carlisle. If you are inspired by Tom’s interview and would like to apply for one of our apprenticeships then please feel free to contact us on 01228 210020 or sent a CV direct via our website