I ask you to think again…

As soon as you hear the words “Recruitment Agency” I know those pound signs are flashing in your eyes. Well, I simply ask you to read on and then think again.

I hear it so often, “It’s cheaper and easier to do it myself” …does this sound familiar?

Of course; Indeed, Facebook and word of mouth are all free and easy to access options for all of you, however they don’t allow you to do any ACTIVE recruiting for your candidates. Unfortunately, you are only able to see those who enquire about your vacancy.

Sometimes this can be in excess of 100-200 candidates, which you then have to find the time to whittle them down to a reasonable short list, and don’t forget about the interviews! Is this time you can really afford to take away from other aspects of your job?

But it’s not over yet, what if none of them are of the right quality, with the right skill set and attributes?

OR, you do find someone, you find; what you think is, THE perfect candidate, they start in their new post and before too long you see they’re just not the right fit.

That’s right! It’s time to start again.

And before you know your 8 weeks down the line, you still have no accountant, you’ve spent endless hours sorting through CV’s taking time away from the tasks that really do require your attention.

As a recruitment agency we’re not here to rip you off. We provide a specialist support service to enable the smooth addition of new members to your team, whether that be temporary or permanent.

So, you ask, “What does a recruitment fee include?”

Well, you would have a specialised recruitment consultant allocated to you and your company, on hand whenever you need them, we even have personal out of hours contact numbers.

This recruitment consultant will come out and visit you on site to get a clear understanding of your organisation, team, and culture so that they have all of the necessary information and knowledge to know who would be right.

We will assist with writing job descriptions and person specifications, if required, to ensure your job is attracting the right interest.

We have unrestricted access to databases of CV’s allowing us to actively seek out the perfect candidate for your organisation. With a professional candidate matching service, let us do the dreaded sorting so you don’t have to.

We also pay to post your job on job boards that are seen by thousands of people daily. With this being paired with our reputable company logo and name, many people are intrigued purely by that. With a strong local social media presence, we will also splash your advert over our social media platforms and make sure we’re attracting local talent!

We hold candidate interviews on your behalf with a clear picture of what you want and need from an employee, assessing skills, attributes, personality and presence. We will interview until we find the one.

Further stage interviews that will be held by your organisation will be arranged and feedback will be delivered on your behalf. Pressure off!

You want a guarantee? Of course, we understand that, we provide a 6 week guarantee with a free replacement candidate or your money back.

If you opt for a temporary employee we would even then be paying national insurance and completing weekly payroll. We take those tasks out of your hands. With each candidate having been referenced and their eligibility to work being checked you’ll have nothing to worry about; inviting them in to your organisation.

BUT I know you’re still sitting there thinking “yes…yes…but how much?”, well let me tell you.

Our permanent fees vary from 12-17% depending on the role and size of recruitment campaign. BUT, you have nothing to pay if we don’t find you anyone.

Temporary recruitment is a little different, it varies, so here’s a few examples:

  • A General Administrator could cost as little as £13.15
  • An Accounts Assistant for as little as £14.42
  • IT Support gained for only £16.32

(Based on standard 28 days holiday and average rates of pay)

Please also don’t forget, we will always remain confidential and treat you and your business with genuine courtesy and professionalism throughout the entire process; we don’t want to be just another recruitment agency, we want to be your recruitment partner.