Green Light on Business Admin…Nathan urges others to”Go for it”

If you are thinking about studying for a Business Administration Apprenticeship this coming September then take a look at our latest apprentice Q&A session to find out what Nathan thinks about the course, his tutor and future opportunities!

Nathan Johnstone is one of our current Business Admin apprentices who is currently being taught by Alex Hicks our Business Skills Tutor;

1) What made you choose a Business Admin Apprenticeship?

After leaving further education at 18, I thought looking for an apprenticeship would be a more successful option other than university to learn skills and implement them in a real life environment. I chose business administration as I see it as a cross-curricular subject which can be implemented in a range of job roles and industries. It was therefore this flexibility and amount of development opportunities that helped me choose business administration.

2) Why did you decide to study with System People?

After seeing the apprenticeship advertised on the government website, I researched System People as they were the training provider delivering the course. From their website and positive reviews as well as their high success rate in terms of course completion and pass rate made my mind up for me that System People was where I wanted to study.

3) What have you liked the most about the course so far?

I feel like overall, I have enjoyed the whole learning experience of the course so far. I have particularly enjoyed the more practical sections of the course such as debates as well the interesting organisational tasks set weekly by our tutor, Alex.

Alex Hicks, Business Skills Tutor
4) What have you liked the least about the course so far?

As mentioned above, I couldn’t say there is anything I particularly dislike about the course from my experience over the last 8 months.

5) How have you found your course Tutor, Alex, in terms of content, delivery style and enthusiasm?

In all three of the mentioned areas, Alex has been excellent and has been a pleasure to be taught by over the time I have been here. His content is of the highest standard which ensures that we are taught the correct and important information that we require to pass the course as well as also triggering us to think about what we are learning about affects us in the wider world. However, Alex particularly stands out with the way he projects this content.

He is confident and enthusiastic to the highest degree which further allows you to become confident in yourself and learn within a positive working environment. He is friendly and always approachable and has always been available for me to speak to regarding anything to do with my progression either in the short or long term and has helped me grow into my course.

6) How have you managed to complete apprenticeship work alongside your job?

In terms of working arrangements, my main way of completing work is to try and complete my tasks on training days at System People. If for whatever reason this isn’t possible I will then use some of my 20% off the job learning requirement to complete these tasks and any extra work. These factors therefore always ensure I have enough time to complete the tasks provided.

7) How have you found the 20% off the job learning requirement?

I feel the 20% off the job learning requirement has been a very positive part of my course so far. This is because it gives me more time out of the classroom to actively learn and improve both technically and also practically within my work. This way also allows me, System People and my employer to benefit as this requirement means I have the time I need to successfully complete all of my work to the highest standard as possible.

8) How confident are you that you have made the right decision about your career choice and why?

When I first began my apprenticeship I wasn’t fully sure if business administration would be completely right for me. However, over the time I have been on the course I have been able to develop new skills and nurture existing ones to allow me to fit into a very progressive role within my organisation in which I see a very long and prosperous career ahead of me. Therefore I do feel like I have made the correct decision regarding my career choice.

9) Have you/are you enjoying your apprenticeship so far. If so, why? If not, why not?

The whole time I have been on the apprenticeship course I have enjoyed myself. I have enjoyed the interactive and high standard of teaching of Alex which is allowing me to grow as an administrator as well as develop other personal skills that will allow me to flourish in other industries where I can take my qualifications with me in the future. Furthermore, I enjoy the social side of the course as it enables you to meet a number of other people all with similar goals to yourself and learn together as a group.

10) How has the apprenticeship enabled you to be more effective in your role at work?

The apprenticeship has played a vital role in increasing my effectiveness within the workplace. Firstly, it has allowed me to pick up the vital basic skills of administration so I could carry out tasks within my workplace with very little knowledge of the industry I was working it previously. On top of this as I have learnt my industry, the apprenticeship has allowed me to problem solve and organise specific challenges to me which has therefore caused me to become comfortable in my job role and contribute to the business moving forward.

11) What advice would you give candidates thinking about starting a Business Admin apprenticeship?

My basic advice would be to go for it! The business administration apprenticeship alongside the correct amount of hard work and determination can open up your world going forward and offer you a range of routes into a number of industries. Furthermore when I began the apprenticeship I wasn’t sure what industry I wanted to get into however with the apprenticeship I feel like this may be my career sorted and this can be the same for each apprentice.

12) Would you recommend System People as a Training Provider to friends and family? If so why? If not, why not?

Absolutely, System People is a top training provider with some of the best tutors and administrative staff within the training industry. For me, they have opened up my future prospects with helping me to gain an employer and then trained me in a high level apprenticeship so I can basically go wherever I want with my qualification and succeed. It is therefore in no means by luck that they have won a number of awards as everyone who I have learnt with has been massively impressed with the standard of teaching and care we have received.

13) What do you like most about learning with System People?

My favourite part of learning with System People has to be the amount of care and inclusion that every member of staff pays to you as an individual. When you begin the apprenticeship you always have the correct amount of support at any time from your tutor and the training provider. This allows you to continue to learn and progress without the stress of not understanding certain parts, as System People have always offered me any support I have required to allow me to be successful in my studies.

14) What do you like the least about learning with System People?

From my experiences of learning with System People, I haven’t experienced any particular area of learning that I haven’t enjoyed or been unsatisfied with.

15) From a learner perspective, can you outline any improvements System People could make as a Training Provider of Business Administration apprenticeships? What would make your learner experience better?

From my experiences of learning with System People, I can’t pick out any particular areas for improvement in terms of how they provide their training as everything I have experienced has been of a very high standard on both a technical and emotional level.

16) What are your future career plans for when you successfully complete your apprenticeship?

After completing my apprenticeship, my career plans are to continue improving and gaining experience in my current industry. On a more long term basis, my aim is to begin and continue moving up in my industry all the way to the top either in my current business or elsewhere within my industry.


Thank you Nathan, I am sure young people out there thinking about studying with us for a Business Administration Apprenticeship have had many questions answered! 

Lyndsey Fitheridge