System People – COVID-19 Protocol for Booking Supply Workers


System People will adhere to the following protocol when booking Supply workers into Schools or Colleges:-

  • Our Education Managers will speak to the worker to ascertain whether they are experiencing any symptoms and to ascertain if they have experienced any symptoms in the last 14 days. If the worker declares that they are or have experienced symptoms, we will not place them in the booking.  If they confirm that they have not suffered any symptoms in the last 14 days, we will confirm the booking with them.
  • The Education Manager will update the Certificate of Compliance to include confirmation that they are symptom free and have been for the last 14 days.
  • Workers who are booked through us will receive a booking confirmation email. This has been amended so that it now includes details on what the worker should do if they suffer from symptoms within 48 hours of fulfilling a booking (see below for details)


  • Supply workers should inform System People immediately if they experience any symptoms within 48 hours of their booking.
  • System People will notify the relevant Schools immediately that they are informed that a worker is experiencing symptoms within 48 hours of their booking.
  • If a supply teacher experiences symptoms while in a booking, they should immediately inform the School and System People of this. They should then follow instructions from the School.
  • System People will advise the worker that they should undergo a COVID-19 test and that they should notify System People as soon as they have undertaken this and notify System People of the results as soon as they are received.
  • System People will ensure that the relevant Schools are kept appraised of when the worker undertook a test, including notification of the test results.  The worker will not be booked until a negative test result is received and/or they have been symptom free for a 14 day period.
  • In the event that a worker chooses not to take a COVID-19 test, we will notify the School of this and we will inform the worker that we will be unable to book them for a 14 day period.