Volunteers still needed for NHS…can you help?

Dear wonderful colleagues, friends and staff of System People

As you will no doubt be aware, there is a need for further volunteers for the NHS to ensure that we have sufficient workforce in Cumbria to respond during the COVID-19 period.

There is a particular need currently for volunteers who have DBS checks and/or, but not exclusively some health and care knowledge or experience.  We have been approached here at System People to reach out to people such as yourself who may be interested in volunteering. As a providers of work based learning and supply teachers/TA’s it is typical that our candidates, learners and contacts have DBS checks in place.

Urgent call for volunteers

Please see below an urgent call for volunteers through CVS on behalf of the NHS in Cumbria. We are sharing this info below which includes a link if you wish to sign up for volunteering at the Support Cumbria website.


Support Cumbria are urgently appealing for Volunteers to step forward and volunteer for the North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust (NCIC) in Carlisle, Penrith and Whitehaven or University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT) in Kendal and Barrow, starting from next week and over the coming weeks.

In Cumbria, the NHS are setting up Recovery Centres for patients recovering from Covid-19,  where a large volume of volunteers are needed to help on a Volunteer Rota that will run 7 days a week. In addition, the NHS are also looking for volunteers across different NHS hospital sites in North and South Cumbria.

 Can you volunteer and help your local NHS?

The NHS locally requires volunteers for roles including caring for patients, helping with refreshments and mealtimes, general cleaning and ancillary duties, family liaison support and portering.

As the Support Cumbria database has been developed in response to Covid-19 and to be able to deal with a high number of volunteers we have been working to support the NHS to take initial Volunteer Interests for their NHS Patient Facing and Non Patient Facing Roles.

The 4 Volunteer Roles are:

  • Basic Patient Care (NHS Patient Facing)
  • Ancillary Ward Base (NHS Patient Facing)
  • Hospitability Ward Base (NHS Non-Patient Facing)
  • Family Liaison (NHS Non-Patient Facing Role)

If you are interested in volunteering for your local NHS please register via the Support Cumbria website at: www.supportcumbria.org.uk

When registering please ensure you complete your Support Cumbria Volunteer Profile with as much detail as possible.

Please provide full contact details, including a mobile number and accurate email address. Also ensure the following fields are completed:


  • Date of Birth: Ensure this is completed as volunteers need to be 18+
  • Volunteer Offer: Select : NHS Patient Facing or NHS Non-Patient Facing Role  (depending on the role you choose and location)
  • Qualifications:  Select : caring, nursing, first aid or medical
  • Skills/Experience: Please state any skills, e.g. admin, retail, caring, etc.
  • Where would you be willing to operate: Select geographical location
  • Willing to travel:  Yes or No
  • Time Availability: Select what times you are likely to be able to commit to
  • Comments: If you are an existing volunteer with St Johns Ambulance, NWAS Community First Responders, Mountain Rescue, British Red Cross, etc please state this in the comments section or anything else that may be useful for the NHS to know.

Under the Additional Information Tab:

DBS Check: Select Yes or No if you have one or not (not all roles will need this as some are non-patient facing roles).

Please note: Support Cumbria is unable to respond to specific questions for these volunteer roles as we are simply administering the Volunteer Data on behalf of the NHS. Once your details are passed to the NHS they will do their own Volunteer Recruitment Procedures and be able to answer any specific questions. If you registered with NHS England via the Goodsamapp last week this is a different volunteering opportunity and volunteer recruitment procedure.

If you choose to register your interest in volunteering via Support Cumbria for your local NHS by updating your Volunteer Offer, your details will be shared with your local NHS and the British Red Cross who are helping to co-ordinate volunteers. The NHS will do their own Volunteer Recruitment Procedures and will then liaise with the British Red Cross who are helping to co-ordinate volunteers through their Emergency Response Team. Please be aware that we anticipate a high volume of volunteers so the NHS will get back to you as soon as possible and over the coming weeks.

Cumbria County Council will also be looking for Volunteers in Care settings, so if your offer to volunteer is not utilised by the NHS, you may be contacted by Cumbria County Council.

Your local NHS more so than ever needs more volunteers with the outbreak of Coronavirus. Your time, skills and commitment is really needed in any of the roles you may be able to help with.

Together and through your volunteer offer you can make a difference and Support Cumbria through your local NHS.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

This appeal has been shared on behalf of the Cumbria County Council and CVS.


Lyndsey Fitheridge, Commercial Director

System People