Hourly Rates Increase for Supply Staff!

Supply staff hourly rates should have now changed! If you are working as a member of school support staff working in supply, you should have received an hourly rate increase as of 1st April 2023!

Through this blog, we’ll take you through our basic hourly rates, which will be the minimum that our support staff will see in their supply roles.


How has the National Minimum Wage changed?

The National Minimum Wage has now increased by 92p per hour. This means our candidates have seen an increase of £1.03 per hour on their hourly rate! Below is a breakdown of how our basic pay works (though obviously different roles could be paid more, this is our minimum basic hourly rate!)

Hourly rate

Basic – £10.42

Holiday pay – plus £1.26

Hourly rate – £11.68


What is holiday pay?

Holiday pay is the equivalent of 28 days per year, paid in advance at a rate of 12.07%. This means you are not paid over school holidays as it is included in your standard hourly rate.


What about AWR?

AWR (Agency Worker Rights) comes into effect after you have completed 12 working weeks in the same role at the same school. This means that you are entitled to the ‘AWR’ rate. (Find out more information about AWR in our What is AWR blog!)

The AWR rates are comparative to what you would be paid if employed directly by the school. This will make your rates match the below:

Hourly rate

Basic – £11.39

Holiday pay – plus £1.66 (14.54%)

Hourly rate – £13.05

From 1st April 2023, the comparative holiday allocation increased by 1 day. This means our candidates get an additional 6p holiday pay per hour (14.04% to 14.54%), taking your rate from £12.99 to £13.05!



If you have any questions regarding your pay, please feel free to contact our Payroll team at payroll@system-people.co.uk.