Interview with an educator – Claire Goffin!

This month we spoke to one of our fantastic educators, Claire Goffin, all about her experience with us and the teaching profession at large!


Let us know a little bit about yourself!

I have about 25 years’ experience in primary education; from Nursery Nurse to teacher, before working my way through to Assistant Head for Inclusion to Associate head with an academy across three primary schools. I have lots of all round experience, including SEND and Safeguarding as well as teacher training and delivered leadership courses for the IOE.

On moving to Cumbria permanently in 2018 (I continued to travel backwards and forwards to London at weekends for 2 years in my post as Associate head), I joined System People.


Why did you choose to work with System People when you got to Cumbria?

I chose System People as I liked your website and the ease in which I could navigate through it! I was very quickly placed in teaching positions in various schools around Carlisle and surrounding areas, some of which I returned to often.


Can you let us know why do you love working with System People?

I love working with System People because the whole team (from payroll to the ladies at the front dealing with us and the schools) are always professional and very supportive; if you have any issues or problems, personally or professionally, they are there and ready to listen any time. They are quick to respond when you have contacted them. I know that those employed by System People as well as the schools and colleges think exactly the same!

System People have given me opportunities to broaden my knowledge and experience; I can now include working in a college and with a University to my CV (which I have to say I know I wouldn’t have had I not worked with them!).

I have, and am continuing, to enjoy these new opportunities and can pass on my skills and knowledge to those just about to embark on a career in education.


What do you wish people knew about working in education?

That it isn’t just a 9-5 job! You really don’t have the half-terms and holidays off, and if that’s why you want to be in education you should have a rethink! There is so much more than has to be done (marking and planning) that you will only have time to complete after the school day is over.

To work in education and to be effective, in whatever position you hold you need to be passionate about education, really enjoy being with children/young people and expect ups and downs. The ups far outweigh the downs and there is nothing better than seeing that lightbulb moment!


Once you’re done with all the hard work in schools, what do you like to do at home to relax?

Outside of school hours I love to bake, cook, make jams… I also enjoy walking, reading and making things (crafts). I would love to grow my own herbs and vegetables but my first experience of this has taught me that I need to spend more time than I have before I try that again!


Thank you so much for all your incredible work in the teaching profession – we all know you are superheroes for the work you do and deserve all the relaxing in the world! Do you have any final words for aspiring teachers?

I think I want teachers coming into the profession to know that it is okay to ask for help if they are not managing – we were all there at one point and that it isn’t a weakness to do so! It is in fact a form of strength. I have worked with lots of teachers near the beginning of their career that thought they were managing and didn’t accept the help that was there only to leave the profession. I know they would have been good teachers.


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