Tanisha Talks!

Tanisha always wanted to work with children and decided that the best way for her to earn a wage while gaining a qualification was to start a Childcare Apprenticeship. After seeing our advert on Facebook she came along to one of our taster sessions and met one of our Tutors Sarah Taylor. Tanisha liked the fact that we are a new and vibrant provider with big ambitions. She also liked the fact that we offered our learners great facilities such as a city centre training centre, a new learner chill out room and free tea and coffee. She describes the fact that unlike some of the other local providers she had met with, she was treated as an adult ready to begin her career in childcare.

Tanisha explains that she finds it “very rewarding when the children achieve things that they initially find difficult” this aspect of Tanisha’s personality and drive helps make her a great apprentice as she is continually watching and monitoring the babies and children’s progress. Its lovely to hear that she really enjoys working in her private nursery setting and  finds the children are great to work with. She told us that she “finds the children very funny at times” and that working as a Nursery Assistant is a very rewarding job.

When studying for an apprenticeship its essential to develop a good relationship with your tutor to ensure that you gain the right level of both academic and emotional support during the program. When Tanisha was asked how she would describe our tutor Sarah Taylor it was a delight to hear that she finds Sarah to be a very easy going and extremely knowledgeable person. She went on to say that she finds Sarah very “helpful and very approachable”. It is wonderful for our business that members of our cohort agree that “Sarah’s  spirit is always high and that she will always keep the classroom a nice relaxed environment.” Tanisha shared that this is what she admires about Sarah the most.

Some learners worry about the classroom element of an apprenticeship but not Tanisha! When asked how she finds the classroom learning element of the apprenticeship, she replied that “the classroom is a relaxed area to get all the information I need to develop my assignments. I find that all of the learners help each other out and we are quite a close team.” Our commercial Director Lyndsey Sisson can vouch for this as she accompanied the entire Childcare cohort and the tutors on a sponsored 3.5 mile walk up Catbells in Keswick which raised hundreds of pounds worth of sponsorship money for local charities during National Apprenticeship week. Lyndsey found the learners to be “very supportive of one another and a real team.” In fact Tanisha admitted that her favourite part of the apprenticeship experience over all is “how supportive the group at system people are, the group help each other so much which makes me want to keep coming back!” 

We asked Tanisha what advice she would give other people thinking of starting a Childcare or TA apprenticeship. She advised that its essential to keep up with the workload as if you get behind it can hard to keep up, but that support is available. So far the course has really built up her confidence and encouraged Tanisha to push herself where in the past she would have held back. Tanisha has enjoyed the program so much that she is looking to move up on to Level 3 in September 2019 to become a qualified Early Years Practitioner and told us that “the apprenticeship is actually way better than she expected it to be.”

We asked Tanisha what she would change about studying though System People and she told us that “I wouldn’t change anything as I find that the course is very well ran and I would definitely recommend system training to anyone who is looking to go into an apprenticeship.” Naturally we are delighted that Tanisha has had such a great experience with us so far and are proud to represent her out there in the world of work. We can see a bright future for her in Early Years and wish her every success.

If you would like to work as a TA or Nursery Assistant and join System People on one of our Childcare or TA Apprenticeships like Tanisha then please contact our Apprenticeship office on 01228 587993 or email Suzanne our Apprenticeship Coordinator at Suzanne.rowley@system.people.co.uk for more information. If you fancy popping in to meet our tutors for an informal chat or to see our classrooms and meet the other learners then just ask and we can arrange this for you.