Looking for a new marketing team member?

Hiring in your Marketing team? Looking to start a Marketing department?

I would like to present to you an exceptional marketing candidate who is new to my books and is on the lookout for her next marketing career move. I meet many candidates in our area and I must say that this particular lady has been a total pleasure to represent and was indeed highly impressive at interview. Her passion and enthusiasm for work shines through upon meeting her and I can confirm that she is a rare find. If I was looking for a Marketing Manager for our business here at System People I would definitely hire her!

Are you hiring in your Marketing team? Are you looking to start a Marketing department? Check her profile below for more info…

An experienced and qualified marketing and business professional who has over 4 years’ experience working in the industry. She has a degree level marketing qualification and has put into practice advanced and successful marketing campaigns. Her approach is customer led and her strategic vision enables her to create collateral to deliver the goals of the business. She has experience of building up a marketing team in her current role where she now manages a three marketing staff. This candidate always perfects her product knowledge and showed excellent examples of this at interview and how she often successfully created suitable marketing channels for different products/services. At interview she came across as highly intelligent, confident and very likeable. A natural sales person in addition to her marketing knowledge gives her an edge in a competitive market.


A must see for a business looking for a diverse, energetic and creative Marketeer.

Interested? Would you like to meet her? Drop me a call or email anytime.


Our fees are very competitive and for a candidate of this salary bracket (Circa £30k) our fees are charged at 15% of the final salary offered. There is nothing to pay unless you appoint so you can feel free to meet our candidate alongside other direct candidates if you are currently recruiting.


Hope to hear from you!

Lyndsey Sisson

T: 01228 210020

E: lyndsey.sisson@system-people.co.uk