System People 20 Years Anniversary

20 years in recruitment!

System People now has a 20 year history behind it of working in recruitment! We have come a long way from 2002, but we have maintained our values of providing the best service possible.


The Early Days!

2002 – System People Limited started life as System Recruitment Limited on 18th November 2002. Initially our main aim as a company was focused on supplying drivers to the haulage industry.

2003 – After a year, our range of services expanded to cleaning services and eventually cleaning training and qualifications. Further expansion of services in 2003 saw supply of labour into factories.

2005 – By 2005, the supply of staff cleaners became a part of our expanding services!

2007 – System Group Limited was sold to Bibby Distribution Limited and System People, then still known as System Recruitment Limited, became a stand-alone business.


Classroom of young children


It’s time to find our new niche!

2008 – 2009 – In 2008, the business was further expanded with the appointment of a Managing Director and a Non-Executive Director, with a Finance Director being appointed in 2009. It was in this time period that we developed specialist management training to schools.

2010 – At this time, the business took the decision to sunset the cleaning services offer. Over the next year that was wound down so that we could focus on teaching supply and training.

2012 – After 5 years of working with Bibby Line Group, Robin Brown & Tony Higgins left System Group and returned to the business part time initially to bring drive and innovation. On 5th August the business name was changed to reflect the current activity of the business to System People Limited as our one stop shop for ‘people services’.


Young Teacher with students


Moving into the last decade!

2013 – In 2013 Rebecca Bird joined System People as a Director and set about developing the business, laying some of the foundations for activities we are engaged in today!

Lyndsey Fitheridge, our now Commercial Director, also joined us in 2013 as Commercial Manager to develop System People Education and System People Professional Services. The aim of these divisions was to provide Teaching and Teaching Assistant supply staff to schools and professional recruitment solutions to local businesses.

2014 – Over the course of 2014, training and NVQs were first delivered in Cleaning, Logistics, First Aid and English & Maths.

2015 – As System People, we gained our first government funding allocations and contracts with Cumbria County Council.

2018 – In 2018 our offer to the school clients extended to include apprentice Teaching Assistants, Early Years Practitioners and Business Administration staff. We now have a thriving apprenticeship division, with up to 160 local apprenticeships being offered across the North and West of the county!

2020 – 2022 – Not to be slowed down by Covid and subsequent lockdowns, the business diversified and supported local school clients by developing a Covid Testing recruitment service so that schools could ensure all returning staff and pupils were tested for a safe return.


Now in 2022 we have a staff of 63 employees working across our three main businesses – SP Training, System People Teaching Supply and System People Apprenticeships, all under the System People Ltd umbrella.

We made the decision for System People to focus purely on the Education sector. The division now supports 3 full time staff and is a thriving education supply business servicing 100s of schools and supply staff across the county and is in the 9th year of operation!

We are now one of the largest logistics apprenticeship providers and work with a number of national clients – including Asda, Co-Op, DPD and more – as well as continuing to service more local businesses with all their education needs.


We are so proud of our successes over the last 20 years, and we look forward to the challenges and successes that the next 20 will bring!