Stay Local…Support Cumbria!

Please help spread the message that staying local and supporting Cumbria is what will make or break our recovery after lock-down!

All about jobs

My work and business is all about jobs; finding people for the right jobs then working to support their careers as they develop in the world of work. Supporting businesses to recruit the right staff and making the best possible match to their requirements. We must strive to keep jobs moving in Cumbria post Covid. To do this we must ensure that we support local business and keep money circulating in the local economy.

Things have changed

Every family in Cumbria has been affected one way or another. Homeschooling, homeworking and social distancing, layoffs, redundancy and furloughing have become everyday phrases we are slowly learning to accept as the new normal.

Despite the struggles, worry and grief many have faced, it has been overwhelming how kind, thoughtful and supportive local communities have been towards each other. Help for elderly residents, sharing safe conversation and showing compassion for loneliness has unearthed so naturally from week 1 of this pandemic.

How about we make sure that we funnel this care and compassion back into the local economy as this eases and once it is over?

Everyone has a part to play to support the hairdressers, corner shops, engineering and manufacturing firms, solicitors, estate agents, retailers, hotels, tourist attractions, leisure centres, construction firms, churches and many many more businesses that been affected by this virus.

Some relief but more to do!

The announcement that the furloughing scheme is to be extended is welcome news that many of you will be thankful for…I know I am relived that we have some further breathing space for our internal staff and supply teachers while we try as a senior team to steer the business towards a safe way out of this strange and unknown territory.

As a County we have to “stay local” and ensure that our expertise is shared, money is spent and invested right here in Cumbria! Please, where you can, spend money locally, buy from Cumbrian suppliers and lets see our beautiful amazing country flourish once more.

If you agree then please SHARE and LIKE to spread the word. Feel free to use this logo on your websites, business posts and emails to show support for local Cumbrian business #supportcumbria

If your business is in Carlisle you may wish to join the facebook group Small Business Support Carlisle.

Thank you,

Lyndsey Fitheridge, Commercial Director

System People